For the past several years I have been investigating the paranormal. I consider myself a “skeptic” first and foremost. I always try to find a logical explanation of the activity first before making any claims of the paranormal type. I am versed in video and audio analysis for evidence review. I have seen and heard some unexplainable things over the years. I have vastly expanded my knowledge of the field since becoming involved as a paranormal investigator. I take pride and enjoy helping people who are experiencing things that they don’t understand through the use of scientific methods.

I am also able to provide public speaking engagements and lectures in regards to the various aspects of the paranormal. Contact me for my availability via the Menu “CONTACT” link.


Investigator\videographer\member of Para-Boston (

Videographer “The Production House” Keene NH

Investigator\videographer Paranormal Destination

Team Lead Investigator “The 555 Productions”

Co-Producer New Gravity Media

Former Cameraman Telsa Wolf Media

C.V.P Founder

~Joe Rainone

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